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Theology for the Church

The 2019 Theology and Trauma Conference is brought to you free of charge. We believe that theology, by nature, exists for the benefit of Christ’s Church. This is because theology is not the arid speculation of an intellectual elite: it is, as William Ames put it, the science of living in the presence of God (theologia est scientia vivendo Deo).

Theology is simply words of God (theo-logia). As John 1 indicates, Jesus Christ is the greatest Logos of Theos, the eternal Word of the Father. In a very real sense, theology is all about Jesus. And what we know about Jesus is that he stops at nothing to nourish, sanctify, and bless his Holy Bride, the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. He is the living center around which the community of the broken gathers, not to innovate their own formulations of God, but to witness firsthand from God-in-the-flesh the reality that God is for us. Theology is communal because Jesus is communal.

For this reason, we believe rigorous, accessible, relevant theological teaching should be as freely available to the people of God as possible. And as Acts 17 indicates, we are all God’s children. Thus, although the conference is a Church conference, that does not mean it excludes people of other faiths, or no faith at all. The Church should be the safest place on earth where humans of the global oikumene can bring their vulnerable, trembling questions and find repose in the allure of a story that has the capacity to hold the complexity of the pain of our lives. The story of Jesus is expansive enough to hold us all.

We welcome you, whatever your background, to come taste and see the goodness and the promise of Jesus Christ and to discover with us what in the world he has to do with unfathomable terrors. The 2019 Theology and Trauma Conference is free to you.