Christ & Trauma:

Doing Theology
East of Eden 

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St Andrews, Scotland

July 12-13, 2019

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About the 2019 Theology and Trauma Conference

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The conversation in the Church on human suffering has changed. Horrific scandal is constantly reported from today’s media, and an awareness of trauma has seeped into daily vernacular and the imagination of popular culture. Tragically, the Church is not immune to these scandals. This not the way it’s supposed to be.


Trauma is the overwhelming experience of feeling threatened with annihilation. Trauma fragments one’s sense of self and haunts the survivor with intrusive memories of terror. How can we think theologically about these experiences? What is the intersection between the story of Jesus and our stories of trauma? How can we think in the light of Christ’s coming about the darkness of living in a fallen world?


This conference is open to pastors, theologians, philosophers, biblical scholars, counselors, parishioners, laymen, clinicians, survivors, and healers…indeed, any and all humans who have been affected by or have an interest in traumatic experience. By the end of the conference, attendees will leave with a fresh vision for the nature of God, the nature of profound human suffering, and how it is that we can faithfully bear witness and administer healing in a world so shattered by unspeakable terrors.



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Plenary Speakers


Elaine Storkey

Dr. Elaine Storkey is a prolific author and speaker, devoting much of her attention to advocating against violence toward women and other minority groups. She has published many works, including Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women.


Chelle Stearns

Dr. Chelle Stearns is Associate Professor of Theology at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Her academic work has focused on the interaction between theology and music, and she loves to talk about the Christian imagination. She is currently engaging in research on a theology of abuse.


Rachael Clinton

Rachael Anne Clinton is a trauma specialist, pastor, preacher, and therapeutic practitioner. She serves as the Director of Organizational Development for The Allender Center at The Seattle School, as well as a part of the teaching and training team. Rachael is devoted to bringing healing, hope, and radical welcome at the prophetic and pastoral intersection of trauma, embodiment, and spiritual formation.


Preston Hill

Preston Hill is a Ph.D. Candidate in Theology at the University of St Andrews. He is researching Christ’s descent to hell in the theology of John Calvin. His work engages the significance of Christ’s terrors for traumatic suffering.


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Friday, July 12

9:00AM, Complimentary Breakfast & Coffee

9:30AM, Plenary 1 - Chelle Stearns

11:15AM, Breakout Session - Emilie Grosvenor

12:30-2:30, Break for Lunch (not provided)

3:00PM, Plenary 2 - Rachael Clinton

4:30PM, Plenary Panel Q&A

5:30PM, DisMissal


Saturday, July 13

9:00AM, Complimentary Breakfast & Coffee

9:30AM, Plenary 1 - Preston Hill

11:15AM, Breakout Session - Emilie Grosvenor

12:30-2:30PM, Break for Lunch (not provided)

3:00PM, Plenary 2 - Elaine Storkey

4:30PM, Full Plenary Panel Q&A

5:30PM, DisMissal






The conference is free of charge when you register online.


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